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EcuPicHere at we have highly skilled and technically trained team who work closely with dedicated engine tuning and ReMapping specialists based across Europe who collaborate together with a drive to create and deliver the highest quality remap engine tuning options and customer service in the Remap tuning industry.

Over 7,000 Vehicles Listed on Here on Our Powergain List.

The Souhan family strives to change and adapt our business to meet our customer needs. In the past four decades we have invested our time and money to stay ahead of the curve with Vehicle Diagnostics and Equipment. Our garage is equipped with the newest technology available, including computerised test lane (same as N.C.T. centers), emissions tester, Snap-on & Bosch Computerised Vehicle Diagnostics among many others.

We have invested heavily into and painstakingly developed cutting edge remap tuning methods, creating the highest quality for all our remap files! is now Leading the way in Remap Engine Tuning and setting new high standards in the Remap Tuning industry, we use the latest state of the art tuning equipment and the latest in software development, we have the leading ECU Engine tuning remap programming tools available to provide a safe, reliable, well designed and thoroughly tested Live & Custom remap engine tuning and remap tuning product.

30 Day TrialWhen an ECU is ReMapped for Performance or Economy we offer a 30 Day Trial. If needed we can Revert your ECU back to Standard and offer a full refund.

Unfortunately many people are misled by cheaper inferior products in a box or generic untested off the shelf remap files which are becoming all too common in the Remap engine tuning industry.  We feel that delivering highest quality remap engine tuning and customer satisfaction is extremly important. Remember we are based in same premises here in Trim Co. Meath for more than 40 years providing many other services for our customers. will provide you with a bespoke personal ReMap, giving you an infinite choice in engine tuning options. Whether you require economy, performance, sport or race we can custom develop a remap tune that suits. From super cars to commercial / fleet vehicles and motor homes, all are covered. We are part of a European based team of Highly qualified engine remap specialist whom deliver the best quality warranted ECU remaps available! We are very passionate about what we do here  and we pride ourselves on quality over quantity, all are maps are thoroughly tested and conform to within the safe limits of any given vehicles manufactured specification. This ensures reliability and a safe usable power delivery with increased economy depending on your chosen tuning option.

Some of the services we offer are Performance, Economy, DPF removal, Speed limiter removal, RPM limiter removal and more.

What vehicles we cover?

Some of the more popular vehicles are listed in our Power Gain List. However we can offer ReMapping services for many other vehicles - Click here ask what is available for your Vehicle. 

The whole remap process is done via the vehicles On Board Diagnostic port (OBD), we simply plug in analyse the existing program or map, then we expertly adjust the ECU settings accordingly and fine tune to create a bespoke program for your vehicle, live and custom designed for you.

We do not use Generic maps which some companies use that have been developed for another vehicle and used over and over again.  You will get the exact same ECU software/hardware numbers and VIN number details back into your ECU.

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