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"Time for a New Exhaust" - Car Reviews and more by Women for Women
Find out how Suzanne Keane - Journalist from the well know website found her experience when she visited us for a new exhaust in July 2013.
"Being a petrol head at heart, when the exhaust on her VW Golf had reached the end of its life Suzanne Keane wasn’t able to just settle for a standard off-the-shelf replacement and was determined to upgrade to stainless steel…..
Exhausts – Big or small, loud or quiet – every car has one and it’s not generally something you take any notice of until it goes wrong! But it’s not just that pipe sticking out the back – all cars since 1992 are fitted with a catalytic converter to control emissions and newer diesels will also have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) to remove diesel soot from the exhaust emissions.
So how would you know you need a replacement exhaust?"
To read the full article on Website Please Click Here


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