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New TyreSafe.Org Winter Tyre Movie

Following two years of extreme winter weather and the prospect of another harsh season ahead, this October’s is the UK's tyre safety month is focusing on driving in winter. Wet roads, cold temperatures, snow and ice can all contribute to potentially dangerous slip ups such as loss of grip, aquaplaning and longer stopping distances so it’s critical that your tyres are properly maintained and fit for the winter ahead. As stressed by TyreSafe.Org

Winter weather tyres are not just for snow and ice but should be fitted for the whole winter period for improved grip and safety. That's the message from, in the UK as it approaches this October's tyre safety month, and the reasons why can be clearly seen in their dramatic new online movie which can be viewed at

While the film was shot on an ice rink to highlight the staggering difference in performance between winter weather and standard summer tyres, the group is keen to stress that winter tyres really come into their own when the air temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, which is usually experienced throughout the UK between October and March, and not just when the road is covered in snow or ice.



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In snow, heavy rain, ice & cold temperatures, 
your wheels do not spin as much. Below 7°C the rubber compound in summer tyres begins to harden and grip levels are reduced. Winter tyres retain their flexibility at low temperatures and key into the road surface providing better grip and safer driving.


Winter tyres improves stopping distance in the snow, wet, freezing & cold conditions vs. summer tyres


You can use your car to get about; it reduces the risk of being stuck in the snow


Winter tyres will stop your car at much shorter distances & 
give you more control and stability in winter conditions.

As always due care and attention is required even whilst driving with Winter Tyres.

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